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All the students of 7th semester (Computer Engineering / Information Technology) are informed to fill up the detail on placement portal.

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Shortlisted Student for Acute Informatics

Below mentioned students are invited for Technical & Interview round on 08/05/2018. Following candidates have been selected for employment at Acute Informatics Pvt. Ltd. 1. Satishkumar Chauhan 2. Mansi Vyas 3. Nayan Agravat 4. Raj Sagar 5. Akshay Mahajan 6. Siddharajsinh Vaghela 7. Mohinkhan Pathan 8. Harshadkumar Vadher 9. Priyanka Vaishnav Students have to prepared below list of topic for technical round. 1. DDL, DML, DCL statements 2. SEt Operators (Union, Intersect & Minus) , Joins 3. Restrict rows in result set (where & having) 4. Date & Time-stamp 5. Constraint (Primary, Unique, Foreign key) 6. Normalization 7. Sub query 8. Single line function like substr, len etc. 9. Aggregate Function 10. View 11. Procedure, Function & Trigger (Basic) Company Address:- Acute Informatics Pvt. Ltd 203, Atlanta Tower, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad- 380006

Shortlisted Students for Acute Informatics